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Legal Services

Klein, Vogin & Gold is a full-service law firm. We represent individuals from the initial interview until the matter is concluded. We will prepare necessary pleadings, participate in the required discovery, appear at the court hearings and negotiate settlements.

You should be concerned when you can not speak with the attorney who is actually representing you, not any attorney or staff personnel.

We only ask our clients to cooperate with our representation, timely respond to requests for information and appear as needed. When requested, we will represent individuals for specific issues or hearings. We will also prepare documents upon request whether or not we represent the individual until the matter is concluded.

Our clients will always be represented by Marc Vogin. No bait and switch. Never worry about your attorney not knowing you and your case. Never worry about not speaking with your attorney.

Klein, Vogin & Gold represents individuals in Orphans’ Court and Family Court throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania. When requested, we will represent clients in other counties.

Klein, Vogin & Gold also represents clients in personal injury, contract and real estate matters. We have an unlimited source of referral attorneys who are willing to undertake representation for matters which are beyond our practice. We accept and encourage attorney-to-attorney referrals.

Limited representation and services are available for clients. As such services include research, document preparation and representation for limited and individual hearings.

We will soon be offering the option to request services online.

If you have a question or concern, please contact us immediately. Visa and MasterCard are accepted for our services. Payment plans are also available.

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